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 The Yarnover Truck – Bringing yarn all over Southern California!

Yarnover Truck is your local yarn store on wheels!  Our Truck, Debbie as we like to cal her, travels all over Southern CA – each weekend is a new adventure.  While we are currently only open on the weekends, big changes will be coming in 2015 and you should see even more of the Yarnover Truck.  Coming to San Diego is a highlight of our adventures, we do our best to get to SD at least once a month and we always have a blast!

We focus on hand dyers and locally made products – you will always find something special on the Yarnover Truck!

The Yarnover Truck is thrilled to be apart of the San Diego Yarn Crawl. The truck will be in a  different location each day, see details below!

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Locations during the 2017 Crawl are:

  • Thursday: Yarning for You
  • Friday: Ramona Country Yarn Store
  • Saturday: Needlecraft Cottage
  • Sunday: The Black Sheep